Why is Spanish fly used?

At certain point of the life cycle of any human being it is necessary for him to reproduce and continue his race. This is a very natural phenomenon. Sexual intercourse or sex as we generally call it is thus an important and necessary part of everyone’s life. Every man or woman have some expectations about his or her sexual life. But due to a number of reasons mainly associated with the fast track life of the modern times, these expectations are not always fulfilled. This can be both on the man’s or woman’s side. This gap or disappointment slowly begins to take over the personal relationship of a couple. It would be foolish to deny the role of sex in the relationship of a couple. Most of the times the sexual drive or the libido is not reached either in the male or female partner.

Common reasons of lack in sex drive

Sex drive is necessary for complete and healthy sexual relation. Some of the major reasons of lack of sex drive are:

  1. Depression and huge pressure of work.
  2. Lack of confidence in oneself.
  3. Tension about performance during sex and ability to satisfy a partner sexually also negatively affects the sex drive.
  4. Other than these there may be some other kinds of physical problems, which will need some medical cure. For example: low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, etc in men. In case of females there may be some hormonal lacking that can be cured through hormonal therapies.
  5. However any mental or physical problems in females are much more complicated than in males.


So in order to fight these kinds of lacking in sex drive people sometimes opt for various kinds of aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are certain objects that are believed to or supposed to increase the sex drive. There are various kinds of aphrodisiacs available. Some of these are very common and may be used everyday like asparagus, apples, dates, etc. But there are certain aphrodisiacs that are somewhat exquisite and are made by more typical elements. Spanish fly is age old aphrodisiac. Originally it is made from dried wings of Spanish flies. The origin of this aphrodisiac can be traced back to as early as the roman civilization. This is a strong, pungent smelling powder that is mixed with any drinks in very small quantities to get the desired effect.

At present this drug or aphrodisiac is mostly manufactured artificially and sold as common sex increasing drugs. One can easily get a bottle of this through a simple online store. For males this is consumed any drinks. In case of females a form of this stuff is available which can be applied directly on the clitoris. Here it makes an itching action and increases the sex drive by reducing the sensation of pain during sex. But this popular sex enhancer has been reported to cause various side effects. Regular usage of Spanish fly causes tiredness of body and unnecessary laziness. Many women experience drying of the vagina and other interior parts. So this must be used with caution and in limited quantities.

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